Sakurashinmachi is one of the many local shopping districts in Tokyo. With its origin dating back to 1950s, the charm is well preserved and it is still as lively and attractive as it has been in the past.

Located only 10 minutes by train from Shibuya, the district is easily accessible from anywhere in Tokyo. Although it is very close to downtown, Sakurashinmachi is also popular as residential area because of its high standards of living and good social infrastructure.

That is why the district attracts more than 200 shops and businesses, catering anything from living goods to gourmet foods for both local residents and visitors.

One of the best attractions here is shopping, of course. But apart from this all-season diversion, there are many seasonal events throughout the year which you can also enjoy, such as a cherry blossom viewing in Spring and "Nebuta Matsuri" festival in Summer.

Sakurashinmachi is also "Sazae-san" town. Machiko Hasegawa, the famous Manga artist and creator of "Sazae-san" which has the Guinness record for the longest running animation TV series in the world, once lived here.

Her attachment and affection to the district can be witnessed by monuments, character statues and various tributes to "Sazae-san" in street-scape. It makes the district so unique and attractive for visitors from around the country. The Hasegawa Machiko Art Museum boasts of the collection of Sazae-san related items and other collectibles donated by the late Hasegawa and her family.